He was right

I remember the day I voted for Obama.  As soon as I came back from the polling place I got a knock on my door, and Obama was standing there with two small battalions at his sides.  “It’s time to accept your fate.  You know what you signed up for.” said Obama as soldiers poured into my house and took my Bible.

Then Obama raised his gloved hand and removed his glove, revealing the gibbering ten thousand eyes of Satan on his palm, and now my soul resides in Hell.  Thanks, Obama.


Anonymous asked:

don't you think it's a false dichotomy to imply that because people aren't sjws that they're automatically conservative? you can have liberal convictions without belonging to the self righteous cesspool that is the tumblr sjw crowd. also it's worth noting the the attittudes expressed in /b/ and /pol/ are not the attitudes of the whole of 4chan, there's a tonne of other boards who don't even talk politics.

neilcicierega answered:

I think the whole “SJW” thing is a reactionary strawman and I’ve mostly seen it lobbed at people doing normal good things (like outing sexual harrassment)

I’ve seen the term “SJW” used to refer mostly to people who suicide bait people merely for being cis/white/male/abled/etc, purposefully trying to trigger people they see as the “enemy”, and other problematic behaviors.  I thought it was a mutation of the term “keyboard warrior”.




Article: “eating Quinoa may harm Bolivian farmers, but eating meat harms us all.”

(People on tumblr, vegans included) - the title of this PETA article is very insensitive to the plight of Bolivian farmers; let’s hate on PETA, one of tumblrs many punching bags.
Me - Not saying that I agree or…

How cute. You conveniently leave out important aspects of my argument, butcher what you do include (to the point that I can’t tell if you’re a dick or just really that stupid and unable to understand opposing arguments), and exclude the portions where you attempt to derail the conversation and do a shit-tier job of analyzing my comments instead of responding to them. You’ve created a one-sided conversation that only existed in your head, and I managed to rile you up enough that you just had to share it with your followers instead of continuing the debate in private.

P.S. Fuck reddit. I only roll with the purest internet hate machine, and they’ve given me far better arguments than you could ever hope to.

I’ve argued with people on 4chan.  They argue exactly the way Griffin claims you argue, and this post is written exactly like they would have written the post. This only leads me to believe you either haven’t made any points (a popular argumentative tactic for people on 4chan), or you made one or two at the beginning and then decided to repeat yourself over and over again (also a popular 4chan argumentative tactic).  You also clearly don’t understand that it’s your responsibility to make coherent arguments, and, when Griffin tries to interpret your statements, you shift the blame onto him when you’ve turned out to communicate yourself poorly.

None of this would have happened had you decided to go above and beyond your moronic 4chan bretherin.

PS: You somehow missed the enormous bolded letters above Griffin’s post.